My first session with Lauren was in Austin, TX in 2005. I was in a huge transition in my life and was ready to make everlasting changes in my life. I was seeking new healing modalities and methods in order to help me move forward with confidence and experience an improvement in the quality of my life. I was fortunate to be introduced to Lauren through a mutual friend.

Each of the face-to-face sessions with her, with the various modalities, was really amazing to experience. Lauren’s intuitive ability, compassion and the methodology itself was a fantastic combination and was exactly what I needed. After living in Austin for about 2 years, I was ready to take a big leap of faith by moving to another country. With Lauren’s encouragement plus other factors in my life, it seemed to be the time to shift and transform my life into more of what I desired. Before my move, I was a bit nervous about finding a new transformational practitioner especially with the language barrier. It was then that Lauren suggested that we could easily do phone sessions. And I honestly thought “how is that going to work, will it work, will it help??” I was a bit skeptical but I was willing to try it out. My phone sessions with Lauren are just as, and if not more, profound then my in-person sessions. My experience has been phenomenal.

Doing phone sessions you can relax in the privacy of your own home, or if you are traveling sit in your hotel room and allow the transformation to occur. Lauren is highly intuitive, compassionate, efficient and clear in her communication so you can follow easily what she is instructing you to do. Her life-coaching skills add to making the shift in your perspective, and opening you up to options you may not have thought of, a very empowering experience. Even with the 5000 miles of distance, I am still enjoying the life transforming sessions with Lauren and have been able to continue my growth and expansion with ease.

Dr. A.M. Prasad BSPH DC, The Netherlands

I’ve worked with Lauren many times over the years and she is the non-judgmental, intuitive, straight-shooter I choose to support me.  I wanted to overcome blocks associated with healing my body and my overall health, and desired to be a completely healthy.

I trusted Lauren’s new process, the Accelerated Transformation Program, and how it allowed me to dive right in.  If I had any concern, it was my ability to remember to listen to the recording every night, and that wasn’t a problem at all.
I’ve found my belief in my ability to heal my own body, and that illness is somehow tied to my identity slipping away.  I know that focusing on a state of un-health will only perpetuate that state. After working with Lauren, I’ve found my day to day thoughts are absent of those surrounding any illness, disease, ache, pain or diagnosis of my past, and any that do make it to my conscious thought are fleeting.

Lauren’s unique ability to get to the deeper root of the issue had me feeling shifts within the first week.  I looked forward to our weekly sessions, and listening to the nightly recording only helped me fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly through the night.  This was exactly the support I needed with my goals!

I was able to start gathering evidence to support my new beliefs and the new shifts I was creating around my health right away.  This helped me keep up the excitement about the results I was having and press forward with an open mind and heart.

If you’re looking for a quick, practically effortless way to straighten up an area of your life, ATP is what you’ve been searching for.

- Kelly Curtis Soul Coach, Intuitive, Artist, Austin, Texas