Overcoming social anxiety in life and relationships

Does this sound like you?

  • You have been single for a long time and you’re ready to get back out into the dating world.

  • You are ready to be in a relationship.

  • You are an introvert by nature but wish you felt comfortable in social situations.

  • You just moved to a new city or started a new job and want to make friends but the idea of getting out in the social scene scares the daylights out of you or makes you uncomfortable.

  • You feel anxious just thinking about leaving your home.

Say to yourself... “I choose to feel confident and enjoy being social, meeting new people and taking a risk in putting myself out there.” Does this make you feel anxious?  Does a knot form in your stomach?

If you answered “yes,” then it probably indicates that being social is not a choice when you are riddled with anxiety. Perhaps you have tried, like I have, to apply the old saying  “fake it till you make it”!  And, I bet that, like me, you have tried to “fake” engaging in social situations with sometimes little or no success.

More than likely, your anxiety is related to all the old stories that keep playing in your mind: “I’m not pretty/handsome enough, no one will like me, I’m not smart enough, blah, blah, and blah”.  The most efficient and effective way to get your mind to calm down and to quiet these stories is to get your subconscious/egoic mind on board with what you want.

The subconscious/egoic mind, from my experience, is here to keep us safe from harm, disappointment, rejection, and failure. It should serve us, but not the other way around.

Listening to the “Overcome Social and Dating Anxiety” hypnosis with give your subconscious mind new, positive suggestions to replace the old, worn-out beliefs and messages that no longer work for you.

Why wait? Download my free hypnosis HERE and start feeling more calm, confident, and self-assured today. You have anxiety to loose and a better version of yourself to gain. Right?

Pro-Tip #1

If you want to make a permanent change... listen to the “Overcoming Social and Dating Anxiety” hypnosis for 21 days. Applied Positive Psychology states that doing something for 21 days creates a new neural-pathway which creates a new habit.

Pro-Tip #2

You can listen while going to bed. And it is normal to drift off and not remember what the audio said. In fact, the best way to experience the audio is when you are in a highly relaxed state, because that is what we call a "trance" state and that allows your brainwaves to go into alpha or theta, which is when the deepest learning and healing takes place.

"Alpha" is that day-dreaming, floating between sleep and waking state. It is healing and creative.

"Theta" is that deep sleep, trance state, beyond the pain threshold. It is deeply healing and a powerful learning state.


If you do listen to it during the day, you might want set an alarm for 25 minutes so you don’t sleep the day away.