We all have intuition, but it’s often hard to discern its signal through the noise of daily life, distraction, and negative emotion. Lauren’s “Spring Cleaning” workshop helped to clear out a great deal of spiritual clutter, and things feel clearer and calmer in the wake. I have known Lauren for many years, and her personal evolution into a highly conscious being is inspiring in the deepest sense of the word. If you want to be connected to and guided by your highest self, Lauren can show you the way.”
— J.C. Austin, Tx.
Lauren is Amazing! She was intuitive and insightful regarding my career; even when I didn’t have a clue what path to take. My husband and I’s relationship is stronger than ever because of the work done with Lauren. She has helped me move through the pain of losing someone you love. She listens and has techniques that have created positive changes in my life.
— Sharon B. Los Angeles, California
Attended the Spring Cleaning workshop and was very pleased overall. Lauren has great energy and tremendous knowledge, she is the real deal. Felt lighter and calmer after she lead us through a hypnosis session. Also, left with goals to focus on which I appreciated. Well worth the money and I know I will be working with her personally in the future.
— Krista K. Austin, Tx.
I attended the Spring Cleaning Workshop and Lauren did an amazing job. I appreciated the knowledge she brought, but what I appreciated most was her positive energy that filled the room. After the hypnosis session and listening to Lauren’s words, I felt rejuvenated. I took away a goal plan on how to become the best self I can be, and I have Lauren to thank for that.
— Melissa C. Dallas, Tx.
Life changing experience....! I have fulfilled dreams and overcome obstacles in ways I never dreamed thanks to my work with Lauren....! Lauren and her work will always be a part of mine and my family’s life.
— Gentry W. Amarillo, Tx.
Lauren helped me see the light on the other side of one the darkest times of my life. I’m so grateful I found her. She made me feel so comfortable - and I was able to open my heart and find some true freedom and healing. Lauren has incredible wisdom and makes it truly accessible and easily applied to real life. I recommend her, with all my heart! :)
— Sarah R. Austin, Tx.
Thank you again for the Spring Cleaning Workshop! It was amazing and I feel like a new person.
— Tammy F. Mesquite, Tx.
Lauren has so many talents and unique approaches, its no wonder she is such a success at helping people! Repatterining and hypnosis have worked wonders for me in both my personal and work life. I have spent many years trying to better myself using traditional therapists, but that didn’t seem to help me all that much. Lauren is so incredibly dedicated to her work and helping me. She has the ability to recognize and truly understand where I need to do work. In addition to her success, she is always so positive, upbeat, and such a joy to see.
— Darian H. Boston, Ma.
Lauren has had a profound impact on my life. Her techniques has helped me overcome a lot of self-imposed limitations. Her extremely engaging demeanor and gracious personality helps one feel at ease and not scared to open up about what is truly troubling you. If you feel you need to work on something different than the last time she employs the necessary action plan to work on that particular problem. I have nothing but the highest praise for her.
— Phillippe W. Austin, Tx.
Using the Accelerated Transformational Program, Lauren helped me to easily get rid of a lifelong obsession. My entire life, anything unpleasant or stressful sent me running for chocolate, ice cream or other sweets. I was reluctant to try hypnosis because I was afraid it WOULD work, and I couldn’t imagine never ever having another dessert! Lauren helped me understand I would simply be choosing not to eat something right that moment. With Time Line Therapy, we identified some causes and situations, and with Resonance Repatterning, issues were addressed and affirmations put in place. In just four weeks, my decades long love affair with dessert has been conquered! I’m not repulsed by the idea of desserts as some “cessation programs” make you be; I just easily choose not to have them. It’s been over five months since we started the ATP. Last month at a celebratory dinner, I ate a couple of bites of a dessert and pushed it away….unheard of for me! It just didn’t taste as good as I thought it would and I simply didn’t want any more of it. I recommend Lauren’s Accelerated Transformational Program wholeheartedly. It isn’t painful, it’s quick and it’s worth every dollar and every bit of effort you put into it. I do still listen to the recording Lauren made for me, several times a week, as I’m going to sleep. That’s all it takes to keep desserts under my control, instead of the other way around!
— Cynthia C. Austin,Tx.
With wisdom, humor, and compassion, Lauren Johnston has supported me through some of the most difficult times of my life and helped me accomplish long-standing goals. She is deeply insightful and intuitive, easily getting to the heart of the matter. I always leave Lauren’s office feeling energized and confident - I am truly blessed to have her in my life!
— Dorothy O. Austin, Tx.