Are you ready to have a happier, healthier holiday this year?
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Do you experience these things around the Holidays?

  • Feelings of obligation instead of “I want to” or “like you have a choice”.

  • Overwhelmed with shopping, holiday parties, being around too many people or with people you don’t really get along with?

  • Your buttons get pushed by family members or you feel guilty and pressured.

  • Overextending yourself financially.

  • Having to travel during a busy time of year.

The Holiday season can be very stressful and even cause anxiety. I put together a lovely,  relaxing meditation to listen to that will help you to relax, decompress and manage your stress and anxiety. It’s a holiday gift from me to you.


You can listen while going to bed. And it is normal to drift off and not remember what the audio said. In fact, the best way to experience the audio is when you are in a highly relaxed state, because that is what we call a "trance" state and that allows your brainwaves to go into alpha or theta, which is when the deepest healing takes place.

"Alpha" is that day-dreaming, floating between sleep and waking state. It is healing and creative.

"Theta" is that deep sleep, trance state, beyond the pain threshold. It is deeply healing and a powerful learning state.


If you do listen to it during the day, you might want set an alarm for 25 minutes so you don’t sleep the day away.


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