Frequently Asked Questions

+ What are your certifications?


Hypnosis is a state of being in complete comfort and relaxation. It can best be described as “concentrated attention” and characterized by an awake-sleep state (also alpha or theta state). Hypnosis is usually experienced in trance, where a high level of change can be experienced at an unconscious level.


Resonance Repatterning (RR) formerly known as Holographic Repatterning® is a process to help you clear the beliefs, behaviors and negative emotions that create limitation in your life. Much of what holds you back comes from subconscious patterns, or programming, that took place early in life.


Time Line Therapy involves viewing negative experiences and feelings from a new perspective, and recoding them with new empowering resources and positive feelings.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming – or NLP – is a method of influencing brain behavior through the use of language and other types of communication to enable a person to “recode” the way the brain responds to stimuli and manifest new and better behaviors.


Life coaching uses conscious language monitoring to help you upgrade your current perspective. I offer options you had not thought of and help you see where you are not being conscious about how you think of yourself.


Reiki is an unlimited energy that is channeled through one person to another with the hands. It can relieve pain and comfort the whole system.


Energy Clearing restores balance back into the physical, emotional and mental bodies, so one can move beyond old patterns and growth limitations.

+ Are there any issues you don't work with?

There are very few instances where I will not take on a client. These are:

Clients who show very little commitment
Those who have been forced to attend sessions with me by spouse or parent, who don't really want to change.
Severe alcoholics and addicts.


Similarities between therapists and coaches:

Both client and coach enter relationship with a goal to produce positive changes.
Both professions are based on an ongoing, confidential, one-to-one relationship between client and professional.
Both professions assume that significant change will occur over time.
Differences between therapists and life coaches:

Life Coaching works with those who are:

  • Eager to move to a higher level of thinking and functioning in the world.
  • Seeking focus, strategy, and motivation.
  • Asking "HOW" questions.
  • Wanting more out of life.
  • Designing their future.
  • Learning new skills.
  • Ready to take charge in their lives with massive and inspired action.
  • Ready to take responsibility over their behaviors and mindsets.
  • Seeking more balance in life.
  • Ready to focus on what is going right in their lives.

Therapists work with those:

  • Seeking self-understanding.
  • Asking "WHY" questions.
  • Who are struggling with severe, quantifiable psychological challenges.


My quest is to create and apply a system that helps people, that is unique and powerful to each individual person that I work with. My highest aim is to plant the seeds for my clients to create positive, powerful and lasting changes in themselves and their life that spirals and ripples out into world.

By working with me, you will:

  • Build a stable and sturdy foundation.
  • You will be asked to do more than you would have done on your own.
  • You will gain a positive mindset leading to successful behavior and outcomes.
  • We will remove your negative and self-defeating thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
  • You will gain tools, inner resources and support to accomplish more and most of all:get results!

+ Do you take insurance?

Insurance coverage varies and while I do not accept insurance, you may be able to submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement, depending on your coverage.

+ What does Resonance Mean?

In Resonance Repatterning, resonance refers to what is true to you, whether it’s positive or negative. It doesn’t matter what the reality is outside of you; we’re talking about your own internal stories, beliefs and emotions. What you resonate with is what you attract, and how you experience it.

While we can’t change the outside world (other people or situations) we can identify and change how that resonates within you. This leads to changing your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

+ How can Hypnosis help me?

Hypnosis is a state of being in complete comfort and relaxation. It can best be described as “concentrated attention” and characterized by an awake-sleep state (also alpha or theta state). Hypnosis is usually experienced in trance, where a high level of change can be experienced at an unconscious level.

+ What is trance?

Trance is the state in which you allow yourself to enter during hypnosis. It is a state of being half-conscious, in complete relaxation. It can also be described as being in an alpha state, an awake sleep state. You have ultimate control in choosing whether to be in trance or not. Once you choose to utilize hypnosis to improve your behavior, or be rid of an issue, you will find deep, lasting change.

+ Will I lose control?

Working with me you are always in control. It is not possible for anyone to be forced into trance. Hypnosis simply allows you to become fully relaxed and comfortable, which makes you acutely aware of your surroundings and what you are doing. You have complete control to come out of of trance at any time, whenever you wish.

Additionally, Life coaches do not try to control the client's thinking, but instead empowers the client to discover his/her own inner resources, and supports the client in taking responsibility for his/her own thinking and behavior. Therefore, change is initiated and followed through on by the client.

+ What if I don't come out of trance?

It is impossible to be "stuck" in trance. Again, you are totally in control of your session and your state. Once you come out of hypnosis, you will simply feel refreshed and awake, having experienced a great sense of achievement.


In psychology, Sigmund Freud used the term, "unconscious," to refer to our thoughts that we are unaware of, which later became the term, "subconscious." Psychology still refers to the unconscious mind as the thoughts or experiences that we do not have access to, unless remembering is induced in some way, such as hypnosis. In NLP & hypnosis, we often refer to the unconscious mind for learnings.


Because my goal as a life coach is to empower you to be your best and maximize opportunities to accelerate your growth, an emotional, psychological dependency is not likely created. While you may find a life coach is necessary to gain the motivation or tools to grow and move past blocks, a life coach serves as a source of support, motivation, and assists you in discovering building blocks and strategies to create a better quality of life for yourself.