My free guide to

Confidence and power

(no magic tricks required)


Ready to have a tool to help you build your confidence and power, while all that is required of you, is to sit back and relax?

Whether you’re struggling with lack of confidence in a romantic relationship, your job/career, in social situations and/or comparing yourself to others, you need to realize….

You are a beautiful, amazing person who has so much to offer to the world!

We all know how it feels to repeat an affirmation that does not resonate with us. It is as though we are trying to sell ourselves something, but a part of us just ain't buying it.

REALLY... you are, a beautiful, amazing person who has so much to offer to the world!  

So, what is stopping you from believing it on a deep and fundamental level? It is your subconscious mind! Once you get it on board, your whole life will change!

The subconscious/egoic mind from my experience is here to keep us safe from harm, disappointment, rejection, and failure. It should serve us, not the other way around.

However, for the most part, the subconscious mind is operating on past experiences that had a negative impact on you. That's right, your subconscious, which should be helping you, is actually a source of disempowerment. Unless you take the time to retrain it; it will continue to attract & recreate past situations, keeping you trapped in a negative loop of self-doubt.

And so you may ask...Lauren, how can I retrain my subconscious mind?

What tool do you have for me that will really help me?

My free guided meditation was created just for you!

Guided meditations are wonderful, especially if you find yourself  procrastinating in your self-care, or telling yourself you are “too busy to meditate right now.” This recorded meditation will help you tap into your inner power using a visual metaphor. It will give your subconscious mind new positive suggestions to replace the old worn out beliefs and messages that no longer work for you.

What are you waiting for?  ...It's FREE from me to you. ❤ I want the best life for you, but mostly I want YOU to want that for yourself, and be your own BFF!

Tap into the highest version of yourself now!


If you want to make a permanent change... listen to the “Confidence and Power” meditation for 21 days. Applied Positive Psychology states that doing something for 21 days creates a new neural-pathway which creates a new habit.


Download the guide now!