Get to Know Lauren


I love to commute by bike in the city when I can. And I like to take long distance bike rides with my friends and boyfriend. I love camping, hiking and am adventurous and love to be out doors. I love swimming, wakeboarding, jet skiing, ice skating and roller skating, canoeing, stand-up paddle board and tubing.  I am a runner and you will see in my bio more about my running. I will pretty much try any sport unless it is really dangerous. 

I spent five years as a running coach for the Austin Fit Marathon Training Group. I completed five marathons, dozens of 30k, half-marathon and other distance races as well as several triathlons. I know the discipline it takes to have a dream and manifest it to completion. 


I love singer song writer music and most music but not really hard rock, heavy metal, punk or rap. I go to several music festivals a year. I was married to a touring stand-up comedian and love comedy. I love movies, I love to read (when I have time) but I never watch T.V. I love to cook with people and hang out at home with friends. 


I am a Virgo, very organized and clean. I am a natural leader but I can take direction too. I love meeting new people and being with my friends. I am outgoing yet love quiet time at home alone or with my boyfriend. 


I am in a relationship with the love of my life but we are taking things slow as we have both been married and moving past our past. We pretty much have everything in common and kinda come from similar backgrounds. 


 I have an amazing family with 4 siblings and I am the youngest by 8 years. My mom died when I was 10 and my dad died when I was 20 but my siblings and I stay close. I also have an adopted family with 4 siblings as well and with an adopted mother and father. The adoption was never legal but I changed my last name to Johnston from Dismukes which is my adopted Mom's last name. Dismukes was not an attractive name. I am close with my adopted family as well. I have lots of friends, I'm 55 and I have not had kids and I'm Okay with that. My little dog Zoe is a kid to me. I am very nurturing and I love my work. I am an em-path and very intuitive.   

Why Life Coaching?

After 27 years of listening to people's problems and dispensing sage advice as a hairdresser and a bartender, I felt a strong calling to pursue my true purpose, to help people improve their lives. I completed training to become a certified practitioner of Resonance Repatterning™, a Reiki Master and studied Conscious Language upgrading, Life Coaching and Energy Clearing. Later I went on and became certified in, Hypnosis, Time Line™ Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and NLP Life Coaching. Using my keen sense of intuition and a blend of tools, methods and modalities, I have helped hundreds of people find their purpose, live their potential and embody their power, joy and passion.     

In 2006, I closed the salon I had successfully operated for 17 years and started my practice as a life coach.  I coined that name life-spotter, knowing my gift to spot things people couldn’t see in themselves or in their own situations. My work has evolved into something even deeper and is always adapting to fit life’s changes, changes in myself and in my clients. My practice continues to grow as I work with individuals, couples and groups and facilitate workshops in the U.S. and abroad. 

Resonance Repatterning™ 101

Resonance Repatterning™

Resonance Repatterning (RR) is a process to help you clear the negative beliefs, behaviors and emotions that create limitations in your life. Much of what holds you back from living the life we desire, comes from subconscious patterns, or programming, that  took place early in our life. 

Resonance Repatterning™ (RR)  also known as Holographic Repatterning, is a system designed to identify the unconscious feelings, beliefs, and patterns that makes it difficult to take positive action in order to improve your life. RR helps you to see that the reason you are stuck is caused by your current perspective and beliefs that often have no basis in reality.

We are all radio towers, only able to access the frequency we are tuned to.

Just like a radio that works on frequency experiences static, these subconscious patterns create static or interference that prevents you from having the happiness, abundance and fulfilment that you desire. We know from Einstein's famous equation E=MC2, that mass is nothing but a form of energy. I believe that our physical bodies go haywire when this static builds up!

That one person...

We all know someone who constantly has good things come to them and life seems to always work out. We also all know someone who negative things always happen to, and no matter how hard they try, they can never change. The first person, it could be said, has a high, positive frequency, and the second person a low, negative frequency.

The cool thing is, through modalities such as sound, light, smell, color, and touch, we can change your frequency from negative to positive! The most thorough modality I have found for this is hypnosis.

Together, we can work to change your energy frequency and attract the life you’ve dreamed of living!