Hey Austin, New Workshop Coming Your Way!

Saturday,March 4th.png

Join Angel Channel and Intuitive Coach, Kelly A Curtis, along with Intuitive LifeCoach and Hypnotist, Lauren Johnston, for a streamline workshop that results in you living the highest version of yourself.

First, Kelly will do a one-on-one reading to uncover what unconscious blocks and negative patterns are holding you back. The one-on-one reading will be held over the phone prior to the workshop so we can maximize our time as a group.

Then, at the workshop, Lauren will conduct a group Resonance Repatterning and Hypnosis to remove those blocks and clear the resonance with them.

For the first time, they will be joining gifts to completely eliminate your subconscious negative patterns - in a single workshop.

Space available for 10 lucky participants who will also receive a special day-of offer.