How Resonance Repatterning Helps Shift Beliefs

RR is based on quantum physics which deals with energy and frequency in all things. Energy and frequencies can be altered, reality can't. In this process we are not changing what happen to you that caused discord in your mind/body system, we are taking the charge out of it. A client described it like this, “It takes your issue and changes the feeling of it being a knife wound to a pin prick.” You do not have to be in-person for this to work because we are shifting the energy of your thoughts, emotions and experiences. Because Resonance Repatterning works on the principles of quantum physics, it can be done from a distance, in groups by remote distance healing proxy , one-on-one; and you can even do it on yourself.

In the movie and book ( What the Bleep Do We Know ) Amid Goswami Ph.D. Is quoted saying “succinctly speaking quantum physics is the physics of possibilities”. RR gives us just that – possibilities for improving your life.

Exhibit A

You may think that “I want a healthy, loving relationship”, but you may have a hard time creating this with the person you are with or finding someone who wants the same thing. It may be that what you believe deep down inside, in your unconscious, that you are not feeling healthy and loving yourself. This obviously does not line up with your thoughts of having a healthy, loving relationship.

Exhibit B

If you believe that you are incapable, ugly, stupid or a failure, even if someone comes along and says, “WOW, you are the smartest most capable, successful and beautiful being I know!” you would not believe them because you resonate with the opposite of that.

Here's where it gets cool!

When you are resonating with a negative past experience, belief or emotion, we can change the negative resonance pattern with a coherent (or positive) energy frequency by introducing it to your mind/body system. Sound, light, smell, color, and touch can change the resonance from something negative/non-coherent to positive/coherent.

Have you had the experience where you were feeling a little blue because it has been raining for a week and the sun comes out? All of a sudden you feel less blue, maybe even hopeful. Or you experience an amazing sunset or rainbow and you immediately feel elevated. Or you hear a piece of music that makes you want to dance or just brings joy to your heart and mind. You may have been walking and the smell of honeysuckle permeates the air and you breathe in deeply and feel a sense of calmness. You may have a hard day and someone you love gives you a hug and it makes everything better.

This is how it works. When positive energy is delivered at the right time and using the right method allows the body/mind to align and match or mirror that positive sound, light, fragrance, color or touch.