Resonance Repatterning™ 101

Resonance Repatterning™

Resonance Repatterning (RR) is a process to help you clear the negative beliefs, behaviors and emotions that create limitations in your life. Much of what holds you back from living the life we desire, comes from subconscious patterns, or programming, that  took place early in our life. 

Resonance Repatterning™ (RR)  also known as Holographic Repatterning, is a system designed to identify the unconscious feelings, beliefs, and patterns that makes it difficult to take positive action in order to improve your life. RR helps you to see that the reason you are stuck is caused by your current perspective and beliefs that often have no basis in reality.

We are all radio towers, only able to access the frequency we are tuned to.

Just like a radio that works on frequency experiences static, these subconscious patterns create static or interference that prevents you from having the happiness, abundance and fulfilment that you desire. We know from Einstein's famous equation E=MC2, that mass is nothing but a form of energy. I believe that our physical bodies go haywire when this static builds up!

That one person...

We all know someone who constantly has good things come to them and life seems to always work out. We also all know someone who negative things always happen to, and no matter how hard they try, they can never change. The first person, it could be said, has a high, positive frequency, and the second person a low, negative frequency.

The cool thing is, through modalities such as sound, light, smell, color, and touch, we can change your frequency from negative to positive! The most thorough modality I have found for this is hypnosis.

Together, we can work to change your energy frequency and attract the life you’ve dreamed of living!