How Resonance Repatterning Changed My Life!

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Growing up, the traditional school system was very challenging for me. I was a C-D student. I don’t remember anyone saying something specific, nor was I really punished for my grades, but I know my family and teachers saw that I was struggling. 

My struggles in school were even more evident when my mother held me held back in second grade, even though my teacher (who really liked and mothered me) passed me. I know my mother was trying to help, but it further ingrained my feeling stupid and incapable when it came to school, and I am sure that this whole ordeal implanted these feelings in my subconscious mind.

As it turns out, I am a right-brained person who is very creative, and I am an active person who loves to exercise and engage in outdoor activities. This certainly explains why I could make As and Bs in art and PE!

I also found out later in life that I have a form of dyslexia that makes it hard for me to read and comprehend what I am reading, do math, and otherwise learn the way the other kids seem to.

Is it any wonder that I have struggled with spelling all my life? Thank God for spell check! Those who read my blogs, and FB posts... know that I have a team of editors and copywriters. And, I always have my wonderful partner Dave have the last look before things go out. I am a Virgo and like things to be just right! 

I now know how to manage those things that seemed impossible to me, and I know how to ask and find the right people to support me. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without first spending time to change the way I think about myself and my ability to learn. I owe this to the resonance repatterning system (RR).

When I was first introduced to RR, I began to realize that, not only did I grow up having the experience that I was stupid and incapable, but I was resonating with that experience and belief on every level.

To clear the belief and resonance that “learning is difficult”, and to activate the new belief that “I am capable”, we used a modality.  Modalities are based in sound, color/light, movement, smell, breath and energetic contact. These bring you into a more clear, centered space and give you the power to make a change in your attitude for the better. A positive attitude will reap positive results!

Using the RR system to clear my negative beliefs and feelings was just shy of a miracle for me!

As I worked with RR, I discovered that, under the “I am stupid and feel incapable” rubbish, other subconscious negative thoughts were supporting this conscious belief. These beliefs accumulated and piled on the earlier experience of being held back in second grade.

Once I cleared the resonance with my belief and feeling tone, it seem that learning no longer felt intimidating. I felt motivated and excited to learn new things.

In Resonance Repatterning, resonance addresses what is true to you, whether it’s positive or negative. It doesn’t matter what the reality is outside of you; instead, your own internal stories, beliefs and emotions affect how you experience and view the world. Additionally, your experience, thoughts and beliefs attract more of the same. As a result, what you resonate with is what you attract, and affects how you experience it.

While we can’t change the outside world, other people, or situations, we can identify and change how that resonates within you. This leads to changes in your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Using RR to change what you are resonating with will lead to a higher vibration of energy, which we call coherent or positive energy. When you are coherent you are more equipped to make the changes you’re looking for.

If you are reading this and thinking, “Wow! Me too!”, then maybe it is time for you to shift the way you think about yourself and change the way you talk to your BFF--yourself.  Yes, one of the tools we will use during the “Be Your Own BFF” retreat is the Resonance Repatterning system.

Resonance Repatterning will:

  • Shift you out of a negative mindset into a more positive vibrational resonance with what you want to experience or manifest in your life.

  • Help you change your mindset more efficiently and effectively with permanent lasting results that you will take home with you.

Only open to 20 women so don't wait, register HERE.

If you’re interested but have questions, reservations or any concerns about the retreat, email me at and we can set up a 15-20 minute call to help you move through what is holding you back from “Becoming Your Own BFF.

Here's to transformation and manifestation,