It’s February… a time to celebrate love, whether it’s a romantic partner, your bestie or your kids. Sadly, this time of year can also end romantic partnerships.

I once experienced a breakup on Valentine’s night... seems like a million years ago. I’ve been over it for a long time, but I sure wished I had some support back then...you can imagine how devastated I was.

I was in my late 20’s and had been with my boyfriend for 7 years. After our Valentine’s dinner I felt an overwhelming sadness fill my heart.  As we pulled into my driveway, I began to cry and he asked what was wrong.

I got up my nerve and said, “I thought by now you would’ve asked me to marry you.” His answer... “Oh Lauren, I really never planned on marrying you.”

Ugh... worst night ever!!!!!!!!

I’ve promised to launch my online coaching programs, and in the next few weeks that’s what we’ll be doing. And the first one is “Breakup to Breakthrough Bootcamp!”

It’s a 30 day support program for anyone going through a breakup. I so wished I had something like this when I went through my breakups and a divorce.

Now I can help you move through the process in a more positive way, while building your confidence and loving yourself.

Be on the lookout…“Breakup to Breakthrough” support is right around the corner!