Karmic Debt Recovery Workshop Fall 2017

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Click Here to get your early bird ticket now for just $140; Regular price $165 and goes up on Septemeber 18th!

"Break free from the clutches of your karmic debt in this streamlined workshop designed to give you the freedom, clarity, & energy boost your soul craves!"

Here are some symptoms that tell you...you got some Karma that needs cleaning up!

  • Your worries in life tend to be around basic needs, such as food or shelter, and around a sense of belonging (or lack thereof). 
  • You’re not the best at asking for help, or receiving it when it’s offered up, and you find yourself spending too much time trying to convince others, or even yourself, that you’re capable.
  • Or stress is like second nature for you at this point and maybe you don’t even remember the last time that you slowed down and relaxed. 
  • Expressing your emotions may not be the most comfortable thing to do but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot going on inside. 
  • Or perhaps you don’t always say what’s on your mind because you’re trying to keep the peace, even to the detriment of your own inner peace and sometimes your head and your heart just aren’t on the same page.

If this sounds, feels or looks like you, join me - Lauren Johnston - Intuitive Life Coach, Hypnotist & Resonance Repatterning Facilitator - and - Kelly Curtis - Intuitive Coach & Angel Channel for a workshop that combines the personal tailoring of a one-on-one session with the collective power of in-person, group synergy work, all aimed at removing the obstacles between you and the person you want to be.

This workshop is designed to repair your individual karmic debt, allowing you to create any and all of the positive shifts you've been working so hard to create, but just can't seem to make a reality. Such as:

  • Prioritizing your needs and boundaries and a sense of safety being yourself out in the world.

  • Heightened confidence and courage and a sense of calm amongst the stress and chaos.

  • Release of perfectionism and the need to go-go-go all while quieting the chatter of the brain. 

  • Confidence to speak up andshare freely on every level and shift having to “do” for everyone into a place where you can just “be.”

  • The freedom & energy boost that comes with letting other people handle their own affairs, emotions & decisions.

The Karmic Debt Recovery Workshop includes:

  • A one-on-one karmic debt consultation with Kelly A Curtis to uncover where your unique karmic debt originated and is showing up in this life.

  • An in-person resonance repatterning and hypnosis session with Lauren Johnston to heal up and balance out your karmic debt, leaving you more aligned with your highest self.

  • Personalized tools, including recordings and worksheets, you can use moving forward to help keep the healing process moving along and prevent future karma from building up.

  • Bonus opportunities and materials only available to you.

Learn how and why you picked up your specific type of karma, how to keep karmic debt from returning, and soothe your soul through the power of focused energy work.

The one-on-one karmic debt consult will take place over the phone prior to the day of the in-person workshop so we can maximize our time as a group. Details will be sent along with your registration email. 

Deadline to register is September 28th!