Karmic Debt Healing Workshop

Join me - Lauren Johnston - Intuitive Life Coach, Hypnotist & Resonance Repatterning Facilitator - and - Kelly Curtis - Intuitive Coach & Angel Channel for a streamlined workshop that combines the personal tailoring of a one-on-one session with the collective power of in-person, group synergy work, all aimed at removing the obstacles between you and the person you want to be.

This workshop is designed to repair your individual karmic debt, allowing you to create any and all of the positive shifts you've been working so hard to create, but just can't seem to make a reality.

The Karmic Debt Recovery Workshop includes:

  • A one-on-one karmic debt consultation with Kelly to uncover where your unique karmic debt lives, in which ways it's holding you back.

  • An in-person Resonance Repatterning and hypnosis session with me to heal up and balance out your karmic debt, leaving you more aligned with your highest self.

  • Personalized tools, including recordings and worksheets, you can use moving forward to help keep the healing process moving along and prevent future karma from building up.

  • Bonus opportunities and materials only available to you.