Santa Fe, New Mexico serves as the beautiful backdrop for our four day retreat. You'll enjoy an all-inclusive experience! 


Small Group

With only 20 attendees you'll enjoy a curated experience with the chance to connect with fellow attendees and coach! 


One of a Kind Experience

The truly one of a kind retreat will help you learn to love yourself again and become your own BFF. 

Does this sound like you?

You lack confidence, security and don’t feel you’re capable.

Your hard on yourself in an attempt to make yourself do better.

You can’t take a compliment or see your own value.

You don’t listen to your inner knowing and if you do, you don’t trust it.

You look outside of yourself for answers, reassurance, acknowledgment and fulfillment.

Nowadays, I’m seeing how everyone is talking about being the “boss of me or this or that”, people saying on instagram and FB, “ I am Mary Jane...boss lady”!  This sounds cute and catchy but to me it sounds a little like they’re lacking self love and kindness.

When I think of having a boss, I think of them being hard on me and always telling me what to do and not really giving me a choice.

Instead of being the boss of me or this or that, I’m coming from a different perspective, I’m choosing to be my own BFF!

Being your own BFF promotes self love and kindness which is much more motivating to me, than being a tough cookie. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is important to be a “tough cookie” but when it comes to how we treat ourselves and how we project ourselves in the world, it all comes down to self love and kindness.

Who is authentically motivated by being bossed around or meanness?

Would you ever cut your best friend down or be hard them? I think NOT.  

Wouldn't you listen to your BFF and trust that what they’re saying in true for you? Wouldn’t you reassure them and tell them how valuable they are? Wouldn’t you acknowledge them and love them even if they made a mistake? Oh course you would.

Being your own BFF will build you up, giving yourself the self confidence, reassurance, sense of security and feeling capable as well as seeing your own value, listening to yourself and trusting in the answers you receiving inside of you.

If you are ready to learn and resonant with being your own BFF…. this is the retreat for you.

And, the cherry on top of that chocolate or strawberry banana split?... you get to learn and put into practice being your own BFF in a beautiful, self nurturing and fun place, Santa Fe New Mexico!

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