Cynthia Clark

Using the Accelerated Transformational Program, Lauren helped me get rid of a lifelong obsession. There has never been a time in my life that something unpleasant or stressful didn’t send me to chocolate, ice cream or other sweets.  At first, I was reluctant to agree to hypnosis; I couldn’t imagine never having another piece of candy or a milkshake. Lauren helped me understand I would simply be choosing not to eat something right that moment. With Time Line Therapy, we identified some causes and situations, and with Resonance Repatterning, issues were addressed and affirmations put in place.

In just four weeks, my decades long love affair with dessert has been conquered!  I still listen to the recording Lauren made for me frequently, although I no longer need it daily!  I’m not repulsed by the idea of desserts as some “cessation programs” try to put in place…I just easily choose not to have them. It’s been nearly four months since we started the ATP.  Last month at a celebratory dinner, I ate a couple of bites of a dessert and pushed it away….unheard of for me!  It just didn’t taste as good as I thought it would and I didn’t want any more of it.  

I recommend Lauren’s Accelerated Transformational Program wholeheartedly…it isn’t painful, it isn’t time consuming and it’s worth every dollar and every effort you put into it.

Cynthia Clark | Austin, Tx.